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Energize Your Run! Energize Your Life!
A unique running clinic
Sunday, August 24, 2014 
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Surviving to Thriving
Convert Reactive Habits into Mindful Choices
Saturday, October 18, 2014
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Eden Energy Medicine
101 & 102- Nov & Dec
Janel Volk Hubbard,LPCC,OTR
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Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.
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Doug J. Moore, Ph.D.
Eden Energy Medicine
Foundations Classes
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1st Session is in June
Janel Volk Hubbard, LPCC,OTR


Welcome & thanks for visiting.  

I am a psychologist who integrates the best of what we know from research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, with innovative methods from the contemplative practices such as mindfulness, meditation and energy balancing.

I love working with individuals, couples, families and teams from w

hat I call this "best of both worlds" approach.  I bring a grounded, empathic presence to the room, yet have an active role in the therapeutic process with fresh ideas and the current research at my finger tips. 

My primary focus is to help people return to equanimity & joy in life and to help clients learn to be present and grounded with whatever challenges they are facing with grace and courage.  

As a longtime runner, I have also developed strategies for runners to enhance their running through energy balancing, and to use their running as a tool for transformation.  

Feel free to contact me if you believe I can be of help to you.  Take good care. 

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